Re: Evemodel HO flat cars

Douglas Harding

IIRC The saying came about because the car would hold 40 men or 8 horses. Useful information for the military planners needing to move men and materials.



Doug  Harding




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I couldn’t find that car, but old Norwegian boxcars used by the military (collapsible benches) had the marking “40 men or 8 horses” like this car built in 1899 and in traffic until 1960.

By US standard a tiny car, 24 feet over the buffers, and would probably fit inside a US 40ft boxcar 😊


Kai Solvei



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Looking at their other cars, they appear to be European in prototype, there is a small 4 wheel box car in Norwegian livery which is somewhat odd!. ( I am not sure that the Norwegians marked their cars "40 men and 8 horses" as well)

The brake gear under the cars also looks odd and I wonder if the models are of a European or Chinese flat car.

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