Re: boxcars can be lined up on two tracks

Andy Miller

There is an interesting feature about this.  Unlike box cars which had sliding doors, Reefers had double leaf swing doors needed to seal the car air tight.  That is why the doors were only 4’ wide. (well the SFRD were 5’) Any wider and they could not be loaded or unloaded on parallel tracks.   One of the great developments of WWII was the forklift truck.  It soon became the preferred way to unload box cars, but most forklifts would not fit though a 4’ door!   That’s why plug doors rapidly became standard on reefers after the war.


For the longest time no one made a 40’ plug door, iced reefer in HO.  So I kitbashed  them.  After I did about a dozen, Accurail came out with theirs – the story of my model RRing life.




Andy Miller


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Los Angles Produce Terminal arrangement, but their 12 tracks were at an angle. Reefers could be unloaded 3 at a time using bridge plates between far 2. There was always one against a dock, 36 cars could be unloaded at the same time.

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