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Rupert Gamlen


Thanks for this link but I think it may be too old for some members.

Box car 26519 was built by Wells & French in 1891 (26503-26753), while 26259 behind it (if that is the correct number) was built the same year by Missouri Car & Foundry (26003-26502). Both were 34’ cars, and I think the light panel at the top of the side doors announces that they were equipped with air brakes. Both cars would be placed in class XM-3 when the company introduced classes in 1910-11.

The Burlington Route herald on the side of 26259 has the initials “CB&QRR” underneath, a practice which disappeared about the end of the century. Other companies within the Burlington group used the same herald but with their own initials.

The car to the left beyond the gondola (listed as a “coal car” up to 1905) is a Chicago & Iowa box car probably built in about 1880, with an inside length of 27’ 5
½”. The company was leased to the Burlington on 1 January 1892 but the equipment was no longer listed in ORER’s by March 1894, which may help date the photo. The cars were renumbered variously as CB&Q 9564-9958 and the last one of this group survived until 1912.

If anyone can more accurately date the end use of company initials under the Burlington Route herald, I would be grateful to hear from them.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ


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