Re: P2k "Time Saver" kits

Todd Sullivan

Hi Dennis,

To answer your question with one kit as an example ...

I just received a P2K ATSF Fe-24 50ft auto boxcar kit that is a Time-Saver kit.  The main parts are the body shell and floor / underframe.  The body has the running board and laterals with handgrabs attached to the roof, and the handbrake equipment attached to the B end.  The floor / underframe has the center sill molding and brake system assembled together.  The separate part sprues for the modeler to work with are for the doors, side and end ladders and handgrabs, corner stirrup steps, tack boards, draft gear boxes and couplers and the trucks.

I hope that gives you an idea.  I think I bought a Mather boxcar kit that was also a Time-Saver quite a while ago, and it had a similar level of assembly to the ATSF kit.  IIRC, Life Like also had some tank car kits as Time-Saver kits. 

Todd Sullivan

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