Re: B&O P-25D in HO

Jim King

I don’t understand your comment re: a “shadow” around the decal edges.  Nothing shows up on my images and except in 1 spot where a little white from an adjoining decal was included when I cut from a sheet.  The posted image, being low rez, might be slightly distorted.  I’ve attached a close up of lettering but also low rez just to be emailable.  I don’t seen any “shadow” around lettering that you asked about.  Maybe I’m missing something?


The car was painted Floquil Grimy black with 10% gloss added and the thin-film decals nestled in quickly with diluted Solvaset, then full-strength Solvaset on the 2nd application.  The car was oversprayed with Rustoleum Frosted Clear, when weathering applied in multiple layers on top of that.  No clear coat was applied after dusting simply because the coating obliterates the powders.


These cars were used to haul plasterboard (“sheet rock”) and the loads were wrapped in Gold Bond orange and white sheets.  I’m planning to create this load and present it to the B&O Modeler staff as a follow up article.


Jim King


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