Rapido NP boxcar

Brian Carlson

Decided to work on an “easy” model today and I’ve run into a quandary. The trucks tool by rapido look like the ones that are under the Northern Pacific cars in the instructions but the spring plank is very subtle. The photo shows a rapido side frame next to an accurail side frame for comparison.

The nubs of the plank on the Rapido car are recessed next to the springs and do not extend out. The spring plank under the springs is nearly invisible at normal viewing angles.

The Rapido cars also have an atypical bolster that will require surgery to fit different trucks. (Pet peeve can manufacturer’s use a universal design. Several manufacturer’s use different types making truck swapping more difficult than it should be. This is not just a Rapido comment.)

So my question to the NP experts out there did these cars keep the same trucks all their life?

What have others done?

Brian J. Carlson

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