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There wasn't much a Cooperstown the last time we were up there about four years ago (a steam locomotive near city hall and a postal car at another site). Most of the unrestored collection is stored at Cooperstown Junction on private property, so it can't be accessed without prior permission. The active part of the railroad is headquartered at Milford, and is now known as the Leatherstocking Railway.

My sweetheart used to make a mandatory trip to Ashland, New Hampshire every year to spend a week with her father and stepmother. They had a nice summer cottage on Lake Winona. He's gone now, and the cabin is in the hands of her stepmother's children. We have good relations with them, but aren't invited to share their summers anymore.

Yes, I'm quite familiar with I-81. You have my sympathies if you have to drive on it. It is loaded with trucks that go too fast, even in the slow lane. The Canadians are the worst. All their trucks seem to have a "How's my driving" sticker on them, but in French. In Pennsylvania I-81, like all freeways there, is in perpetual reconstruction with frequent and long lane closures, usually a dozen in the 240 miles across the state. I was always so happy to get to New York where we switched to I-88 at Binghampton. We usually overnighted around Oneonta, since I was the only driver (once we went all the way from Lorton to Ashland in a single exhausting day when we took a friend with us). My sweetheart does not drive due to her handicaps.

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Thanks Garth,

    Unfortunately the D&H had no 50 ft. box cars in my era when the 17000 series 40 ft. steel cars they 
rostered were the longest boxcars they had. Lots of 36 ft. wood sheathed cars were still present, however.
Somehow I suspect you are not far from I-81 which is a road I see too much of between here and your area.
At least the Schenectady - Binghampton portion of it is quite scenic though not a much fun as when the D&H 
still owned the paralleling rails. Sometimes I still use NY Rt. #7 just to bring back old memories and will have
to swing up to Cooperstown one of thes e days and see what is lleft there.

My best, Don Valentine

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