Notice: InterMountain Parts Requests

Andy Carlson

Actually, I believe it to be more of a management decision. Frank Angsted has just about reduced his contributions to near zero, and his son is currently listed as the president. I remember when the best company for their parts policy used to be Atlas. They have slowly ratcheted back their parts offering, and unavailable parts seem to out number the available ones. The Intermountain bean counters probably said that the return on investment did not justify the commitment. Sad loss, as they had many useful parts which will be missed.
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Could be new China supplier thing. Remember that happened last year (seems an age ago!).


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I wonder if this is just a pandemic thing or are they leaving the parts business forever.  My club use wheir wheels extensively.




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Notice: InterMountain Parts Requests

Courtesy of a "heads-up" from John Hodson, the InterMountain website says they "...are no longer accepting non-warranty parts requests. This includes, but is not limited to, parts used in kitbashing, scratchbuilding, and/or any model customization purposes."

Details (but not parts!):

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