Re: Rapido NP boxcar

John Larkin

Judging by the condition of the brake shoes I'd say that car isn't exactly revenue service on any line now!


On Saturday, April 25, 2020, 5:46:59 PM CDT, brianleppert@... <brianleppert@...> wrote:

As Northern Pacific is a favorite road and I have two Sunshine kits for the 10000-13999 boxcars, I wanted to add a similar truck to the Tahoe Model Works line.  The closest I could find was under an Illinois Central car at the Illinois Railway museum (always a Sunday stop after the Naperville meet).  That became TMW-114/214.  The bolster end isn't right for the NP cars, but perfect for my Sunshine IC boxcar kit.  All-in-all, the best I could do.

On a later vacation passing through Hill City, SD, found an NP boxcar and quickly trespassed to get a photo of the truck.

Photos attached.

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