Re: Rapido NP boxcar


Yes, with exceedingly rare exceptions these cars kept the original trucks well into the 1960s and 1970s, by which time most were renumbered and operating in company service.

I agonized a while over the truck details as well, but after a trial and inspection decided to go with the stock Rapido trucks, and have been happy with that choice. 

I’ve been adding a few small details to the model as well, including the bracket or stirrup under the bottom of the vertical brake shaft at the B end sill, the retainer valve under the side sill at the door opening (opposite the triple valve), and for cars so modified starting in the late 1950s, elongate  rectangular corner straps to replace the triangular corner straps on the car sides. 

For those wanting to change car numbers or reweigh data, or do other lettering modifications on the Rapido boxcars, the NPRHA Company Store offers an excellent decal set for that purpose. 

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT 

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