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Reviewing the whole thread, I can see that 1957 is your "error".   :-)

These would be appropriate if you didn't model that error, and instead chose an earlier time period.  lol.

I can tell you that in 1934, my conductor log database for the Southern's Winston-Salem division shows Kingan reefers being routed (with meat) to Mt. Airy, NC on a regular basis.  They were routed back to Richmond, VA .  Other reefers for other companies went elsewhere empty, like Morrell seemed to be routed empty to East St. Louis or St. Louis. And Schluderberg-Kurdle (now Esskay S-K) were routed to Baltimore via Potomac Yard.  That makes me think Richmond might be either a transfer point or it had a Kingan branch house.

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Sunday, April 26, 2020, 4:25:19 PM, you wrote:

> When Rapido brought out there first two runs of the GARX meet refers I Purchased several that
> were painted appropriate for my error. I’m trying to refine my modeling now that I know more now
> than I did then. I have a kingan car. I know kingan was headquartered in Indy and were acquired by Hygrade in 1952.

> Modeling the Erie Main in NW Pennsylvania and a Pennsy secondary. What I’m interested in knowing
> is where the Branch house and other distribution points would be, (internet search is not helping,
> yet) and whether or not the car in appropriate in my area or should go to the sell box. Thanks.

> Brian J. Carlson


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