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Jack Mullen

On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 04:24 PM, Douglas Harding wrote:
I agree with Don, it is very doubtful a Kingan reefer was still in use in 1957. Meat reefers got regular maintenance. Not to mention that probably all the Kingan leases had expired and the cars returned to the owner to be painted for the new leassor.
Or maybe not. Gene Green's Reefer Color Guide, p.49, has three photos of GATC reefers with KGNX reporting marks, all with billboard Kingan lettering. The photos are dated 1954, 1955, and August 1956.  The car in the latest photo has rather grimy sides, with two strips of replaced siding showing rather fresh paint, including repainting the "K" in Kingan.  This is only a few months before Brian's target year.  While these are only a few data points, they suggest to me that Hygrade wasn't being very aggressive in repainting, and passed up an opportunity when a car was shopped. Since Brian already has the car, I'd say weather it, use it, and let somebody try to prove non-existence.
The only other relevant photo I can find quickly is KGNX 3106 with perhaps a 1963 reweigh date. It appears to be one of a group of GATC cars originally leased by Kingan, and is now lettered HYGRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORP. above the reporting marks, and has a large HYGRADE'S banner to the right of the door. 

Hope this helps,
Jack Mullen

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