Re: ASM Chrysler trucks (was WP Boxcar 20807)

Bruce Smith


Someone selling beautiful trucks might want to consider the option of selling them with better looking wheels ūüėČ Just suggesting... if Tahoe can do it, other folks can as well. If we don't ask, we won't get what we want...

It's also not clear that the axles are needlepoint, nor is an axle length given. Having lost our source of a variety of length axles in Reebox, I'm sensitive to the length issue as I am not all that fond of having wheels flop around in trucks.

BTW, folks need to be careful when substituting wheels. I note that the wheel sets in these brass trucks are insulated on both sides, probably to help reduce the electric shorting issues.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Hello Bruce,
I would think that Intermountain wheel sets would fit nicely, e. g. (Or just email Mr Davis and ask for axle length.)
For someone considering to spend $40 for a pair of freight car trucks the extra 3 bucks for new wheel sets shouldn't hurt... ;-)
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Very pretty, except for the fat wheels. Sadly no indication of semi scale wheels being available.
Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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They're very pretty - have you ROLL TESTED them? Some brass trucks roll

And many don't roll worth a damn. So which are these? ;-)

Tim O'Connor

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