Re: NKP rebuilt box

Brian Carlson

The intermountain model is accurate for the NKP. All of them stayed as built thru the 1950’s. Later there steel side rebuilds and coke cars but those happen in the future. 

Some additional lettering can be added to the NKP cars on the ends and the trust info on the sides.  
As a 200 car class it is in the minority so you probably only need one. 

Eastern Ohio trains still had some in stock last I checked. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Apr 27, 2020, at 12:51 PM, mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

So a related question.  Sorry I can't look this up since my NKP-(Wabash?) color guide is in storage and so are my old MRding, which IIRC had an article on the War Emergency boxcars.  Did substantial numbers of these cars last until at least the late fifties in unrebuilt form, and how accurate is the Intermountain model?  I did not acquire one when they appeared, either because I didn't think I needed one or because there was some major flaw in the model.

Ron Merrick

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