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San Francisco had a Kingan house served by the State Belt north of the Ferry Building on Embarcadaro between Jackson and Pacific Streets.  (Sourced from the SP 1948 and 1928 SF Industry Maps.)

Gives me a reason to run Kingan cars on the car float out of Richmond.

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Reviewing the whole thread, I can see that 1957 is your "error".   :-)

These would be appropriate if you didn't model that error, and instead chose an earlier time period.  lol.

I can tell you that in 1934, my conductor log database for the Southern's Winston-Salem division shows Kingan reefers being routed (with meat) to Mt. Airy, NC on a regular basis.  They were routed back to Richmond, VA .  Other reefers for other companies went elsewhere empty, like Morrell seemed to be routed empty to East St. Louis or St. Louis. And Schluderberg-Kurdle (now Esskay S-K) were routed to Baltimore via Potomac Yard.  That makes me think Richmond might be either a transfer point or it had a Kingan branch house.

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> When Rapido brought out there first two runs of the GARX meet refers I Purchased several that
> were painted appropriate for my error. I’m trying to refine my modeling now that I know more now
> than I did then. I have a kingan car. I know kingan was headquartered in Indy and were acquired by Hygrade in 1952.

> Modeling the Erie Main in NW Pennsylvania and a Pennsy secondary. What I’m interested in knowing
> is where the Branch house and other distribution points would be, (internet search is not helping,
> yet) and whether or not the car in appropriate in my area or should go to the sell box. Thanks.

> Brian J. Carlson


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