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A&Y Dave in MD


I was able to renumber the Kadee Southern boxcar using a cotton swab lightly moistened in 91% isopropyl alcohol and rubbed gently.  I rinsed in water, then applied my homemade printed decals using Ghost White toner on Tango Papa decal paper.  I had scanned the original Kadee car side to get the numerals used for my artwork to create the custom decal.  Attached is the result comparing an original number and my renumbered cars.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 7:30:55 PM, you wrote:

I would appreciate advice on how to remove individual numbers from Kadee boxcar and hoppers. I have several duplicates to renumber using Kadee's decals made for the cars.

Thanks, Allen Cain

David Bott

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David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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