Re: LNE X-29 boxcars

John Sykes III



We’re going to be in trouble here.  Originally the LNE cars were painted a red very similar to PRR freight car color of the early 1940’s.  However, this weathered rapidly and was not helped by the fact that 95%+ of their loadings was Portland cement, in kegs before WWII and following the war, the 1 cubic foot, 94 lb bags still used today.  Portland is very caustic and did a number on the paint. The few remaining X29 clones were repainted in the black scheme starting in 1956, I believe.


As far as models are concerned, I would paint a new car using a mix of Scalecoat II PRR Freight Car Color and Oxide Red.  For a post war car, I would use either Floquil or Scalecoat II Zinc Chromate Primer (neither one of which are available today) blended with Oxide Red varying the mix depending on how ratty you want it to look.


Weathering is easy . . . lots of Floquil or Scalecoat RR Grime along the bottom and especially under and around the doors, where the cement would spill from the bags and solidify with exposure to rain.  On the top and ends of the cars, since LNE used anthracite fueled steamers, then a variety of Alco diesels, a heavy application of Grimy Black is appropriate.  That’s my take on the LNE X29 clones.  Have fun!

-- John

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