Kingan and Dubuque meat reefers closing thoughts.

Brian Carlson

I have gone down the Kingan and Dubuque meat reefer rabbit hole for the better part of a week now.
Regarding kingan I found the name and brand continued after the purchase by Hygrade for a few years at least. Gene Greene’s Reefer book has Kingan Reefer’s repainted/reweighed into 1956. Non of my other books turned up a Kingan reefer. The state Library in Indiana has digitized a bunch of Kingan employee magazines through 1954, which were a delightful rabbit hole within the rabbit hole, and page 2 of each issue lists branch houses and car lines. The closest branch house to my area was Philadelphia but they had multiple car lines into NJ and NY. The March 1954 issue had an article on the all new Kingan Hygrade all beef frankfurter. Therefore, I’m fairly confident than Kingan reefers would at least occasionally travel the Erie to the NYC area, and I’ll keep my one car.

Dubuque was easier. I found photos of their reefers in NYC and in Connecticut during my time period so I’m confident they would have travelled the Erie to Maybrook or directly into the NYC area. So I am keeping my 5 Dubuque cars. I have a 6th car than will be going into the sell pile since I purchased a dupe along the way.

Now back to modeling. Sometimes I think about dumping everything and getting into freelanced ON30. Maybe the Tionesta Valley Railroad.

Nah, I like the research almost as much as the modeling. Almost.

Plus I’ve determined I need Cudahy and Swift cars from the coming Rapido release.

Brian J. Carlson

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