Re: LNE 1923 ARA Proposed Standard Steel Boxcars

Benjamin Hom

Fenton Wells asked:
"LNE X-29 boxcars, 8000 series, Anyone have info on these cars?  I think they were the 8000 series."

As always, the Devil is in the details and the previous quick answers in this thread miss several important points:

- These cars aren't "X-29s", but exhibited the ARA car side rivet pattern and 5 ft 6 in kingpin-to-striker spacing, so repainting a PRR Class X29 model doesn't exactly answer the mail.  RC-7003 (AAR Body w/Steel Plate Ends) is the kit you want - NOT any of the PRR Class X29 variations.

- The cars also received replacement roofs over their service lives.  Ted Culotta offered both kits and conversion parts to model these modified cars.  

John Sykes III replied:
"Originally the LNE cars were painted a red very similar to PRR freight car color of the early 1940’s.  However, this weathered rapidly and was not helped by the fact that 95%+ of their loadings was Portland cement, in kegs before WWII and following the war, the 1 cubic foot, 94 lb bags still used today.  Portland is very caustic and did a number on the paint. The few remaining X29 clones were repainted in the black scheme starting in 1956, I believe."

Here's an early 1960s Tom Nemeth photo illustrating this.

Ben Hom 

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