Re: LNE 1923 box cars A question about the roofs of these cars

Benjamin Hom

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
"It’s been mentioned that the original roofs were replaced “in the 50s.”   Now I realize that was likely a lengthy process, but I’d like to know what the roof was in the early 50s, even the late 40s."

Richard's article cites late 1940s as the beginning of roof replacements, so diagonal panel roof if you're doing one of the ARA cars with the 5 ft 6 in kingpin-to-striker distance.

"I bought a Red Caboose kit at a train show several years ago, and when I opened it a week or so ago, discovered that someone had filched the roof out of the box.  Only the roof, but without a roof . . .
Ted C told me he >might< have a replacement roof, though is upgrade/modernization kit is out of production.
If someone has a suitable roof they could provide, I’d be happy to acquire same."

This is why Ted's kit was so valuable as the diagonal panel roofs of the LNE and MEC cars are sized to fit these narrower cars.  You can't take a roof from a 40 ft postwar AAR boxcar and narrow it via splitting it down the center as the panels no longer line up.  An alternate approach might be to take a 50 ft diagonal panel roof and shorten it as they're slightly narrower, but this might still be too wide.

Ben Hom  

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