Re: Covid 9 Builds

Nelson Moyer

Nice variety of cars, Fenton. I’m glad to see somebody else is building passenger cars. I posted a question on the passenger car group this morning asking about hand brakes on CB&Q heavyweight baggage, RPO, and dining cars. I only have photos of one end of all the cars I’m building and no scale drawings, so I don’t know if hand brakes were on one or both ends, and if only one end, which end?  The hand brakes in photos I have are the old long curved handle ratchet, pawl, and chain type. Perhaps you or someone in this group has an answer.


Nelson Moyer


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Here is what I've built and am building since the shut down.  Something old, something new, something plastic, something resin and some things not complete, nothing blue but me since I am not able to escape...
Fenton Wells

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