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Greg Martin and I got off to a rocky start 25 years ago.  He and I had a misunderstanding about an email list, of all things.  He even wrote a letter to my employer and asked to have me fired. Fortunately, I didn't get fired. And later, the misunderstanding was cleared up. It turns out I was young, opinionated, and ignorant (but good enough at my job) and Greg was very passionate as well as a skilled modeler and contributor to the hobby.  We never became close friends, but we did come to respect one another.  For my part, I learned I was young and stupid.  And for his part, he learned that I was young and stupid, but I could overcome it.

Just like the saying, as I grew older, my Dad grew smarter;  I also found out as I grew older that Greg grew in stature.  It turns out he was not just passionate and fiery, he was a well informed hobbyist and a great modeler who contributed more than I ever will.   I'm glad that in the last 20 years, even though we did not always agree, we came to be comfortable with each other and exchange tips and modeling information.  He truly was an important and respected model railroader, and I'm glad I didn't just shut him out and turn away. I always believe that there is more to the story than my side and if I take some time and make some effort, there is usually more to agree about with someone than any disagreement we may have. And that was true with Greg.  I'm a better modeler and a better person because of Greg Martin.  We're all a little poorer for his passing.

I wish the best for his family.  May he rest in peace.

Dave Bott

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 3:43:29 PM, you wrote:

With the permission of his family, a report:
Some of you may be aware, but the current COVID-19 infection has Greg in the hospital for, now, a bit over two weeks.  He was feeling ill at home, and collapsed, whereupon his wife called the ambulance to take him to the hospital.
Greg’s has several compromising conditions, so the virus is really giving him a tough time.  He’s been comatose most of the time he’s been hospitalized and his brother told me that the reports from the doctors are up and down from day to day.
Greg’s contributions to the steam era freight car modeling fraternity need no clarifications from me.  But I hope that we will all l hope and pray for his recovery.
Greg has a Facebook page, which is being updated regularly with his condition.

David Bott

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