Intermountain news in HO and O scale

Ted Schnepf

Hello Everyone,

Intermountian's newest HO arrivals, are PFE wood side reefers, from several different clases and paint schemes. The first class is, R-30-18 in four different paint schemes and in 6 nrew numbers for eack group.

There is one paint scheme offered in the R-40-19 class and two paint schemes offered in the R-30-21 class.

These cars join the earlier release of the Deco end boxcars (C&O-B&O), the CN/ONT with NSC ends, the C&EI slogan cars, and DLW, NYC, A&EC, and Copper Range cars.

All are in stock and ready to ship.

In O scale, I now have all the remaining Intermountain stock of cars and parts. Its about 180 large boxes, on 5 pallets, stacked 7' high. There are ready to run cars mostly from the early 1990's (yes, almost 30 years ago), there are some kits from the same era, and then boxes of parts.

If you are interested in the O scale, contact me off list and I can send a list of the remaining cars. As I open boxes I seem to keep finding surprises.

I also have a deal on Pepper Packing reefers in O scale. $10/ car RTR, three car min order. If you ever wanted to kitbash an O scale car here is a cheap date.

As always, requests off list.

Rails Unlimited
Ted Schnepf
126 Will Scarlet,
Elgin, Ill. 60120

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