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Mont Switzer

Good morning John Barry,

Am I one of those guys who is supposed to tell someone (you?) that I still need the Duryea under frame for this project?  I know there was a list about a week ago but with work and all it got away from me.

Your kind words about Greg are appreciated.  I've had about 15 hours now to dwell upon all of the neat times we had, both having enjoyed the Cocoa and other meets for the better part of 20 years.  Greg always called me his "mentor" when in fact an early article he did on kit bashing an NYC stock car is what really opened my eyes as to how in-depth kit bashing can go, and how fun it is.  I think he had the "mentor" thing backwards.

Mont Switzer

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I am deeply saddened by Greg's passing.  I've been following his progress and set backs over the last several weeks and praying for his recovery.  Although I don't have a long history with Greg, I was inspired by his Shake-n-Take clinic at Cocoa Beach in 2015.  So much so, that this middling modeler developed and presented this year's SnT clinic with a lot of support and encouragement from Greg.  I had some grandiose ideas for the clinic that Greg gently counselled  me into scaling back to the clinic you saw in January.  He was a guiding light for getting the Bx-34 done and I am honored that I had the chance to work alongside him this last year.  I was looking forward to more collaboration in the future, but that has been cut short by an invisible pathogen.  But my loss is nothing to compare to that of his family, who brought Greg a lot of joy.  I extend them my deepest sympathies.


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