Re: HO Tank Car Walkway Upgrades

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

hello Allen,

    I'd be interested in some etched walkways and platform decks for the same lines of tank cars.
Also have a tank car question. Back in the late 1990's my late friend Bob Witbeck, a kit-basher
extrodinaire, and I were doing some joint research on tank cars. One thing we noticed on Plain
Jane tank cars was that they often had a walkway on only one side of the dome. On some it 
seemed to be on the left from the "B" end and on others on the right. We were never able to
determine what the protocols were that decided whether a car would have walkways on both
sides of the dome or only one side and which side if only one. Unfortunately Bob suffered a
major stroke in April 2000 after which we was an invalid for another decade before passing.
Can anyone answer these questions?

My best, Don Valentine

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