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gary laakso

Westerfield has a model of a Great Northern class refrigerator before the formation of WFE.   They found some information about colors.  There are diagrams for the cars in the 1927 Freight Car Diagram book.   You are correct about a dearth of photos of these cars. 


Gary Laakso

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I've taken a special interest in the early Great Northern refrigerator cars -- that is, refrigerator cars owned by Great Northern Railway prior to formation of WFEX in 1923.  The valuation reports prior to this period show that the Great Northern had several thousand refrigerator cars, including 33' (I assume Wickes) 38' and 40' cars.  I have looked for builder photos (to no avail) and have found just two photographs of cars in The Great Yellow Fleet and two other photographs in The Rusty Dusty (very good book on the Geat Northern in the Wenatchee area) -- but no color photographs.  I am wondering if anyone here might no of photographs in other sources, car diagrams, and the like.  And of course the color and reporting marks; I assume that the early WFEX  cars were Great Northern cars turned over to WFEX... but assumptions in model railroading are often treacherous.  Thank you for any suggestions!  Ray Hutchison, Green Bay WI


(Note: Not referring to the Express Refrigerator cars owned by the Great Northern that continued to be run as GN Express cars, the Ambroid model and later Roundhouse/Athearn models appear to be mostly true to prototype)

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