Re: I'm trying to make out the owning road


The MP car in the foreground is possibly from the series 84100-84499, built late 20s as part of one of several orders of 40 ton single-sheathed auto cars with 12' doors.  By 1950 most were converted to steel-sided 6' single door cars or scrapped, since only a handful are shown in the ORER Jan. 1954.

The other one is definitely a T&P car.  The lettering on the car side, although very hard to see, is pretty unmistakable, if you're familiar with T&P.  Can't give you the number series for sure, but a double-sheathed 40' box built in the 20s and also gone by early 50s, many rebuilt to steel-sided cars with 6' doors.

Ron Merrick

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