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Larry Jackman said:
It has nothing to do with copyrights. It is registered trade marks and the
do not expire with time. The only
way they die is if the company does not use them for a long time or if
someone uses them and the owner does
not defend them. All the logos and such were public domain long before the
UPRR took over any of these RRs
because the logos were used by the model manufactures with out these RRs
defending them. That also holds true
with the UPRRs logos. They have been used for over 50 years by the
manufactures with anyone saying you can not
do that and filed court cases to stop the ones that would not stop. That
ia why the CSX backed off. They did
not want a court ruling on whether they still owned their logos. This has
nothing to do with the models of the
equipment. It is about what is painted on the equipment.
Larry is exactly right. And MRIA, which is who went to court to
straighten out the Chessie idiots, is quite prepared to help UP understand
the same subject.

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