Re: Tank Car Placard Locations

Bruce Smith

Ted, Bob,

Au contraire!  This car bears the reporting marks UTLX 5274. Close study indicates that the black behind the number has more recently been repainted.

The difficulty seeing the reporting marks may be due to the use of othrochromatic film, which does not differentiate between yellow and black well.

As for the placards, this UTLX type X car (full length center sill) has 4 placards in what I regard as the standard UTLX location for these medium height walkway cars, and that is hanging off the bottom of the running boards. This builder's photo show this same location.

I cannot find any photographs showing any markings in the two end-of-tank locations that you are speculating might have been placards. Neither location has appropriate holes/rivets for attachments. These appear to be painted markings and not placards.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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Hi Bob,

there are no repeorting marks on the car. They must be inplant storage only.

Ted Schnepf
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Tank Car Placard Locations

A 1920 photo from the University of Utah Library:

I found this photo interesting from the standpoint of placard locations. On this tank car there are two previous and one current location for the placard.

Am I correct to assume there was no requirement or recommendation as to where to place the placard on the end of a tank car?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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