Re: HO Tank Car Walkway Upgrades

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>


Tony's answer was to both questions 😉

We've discussed this a number of times over the history of the list and it seems that there was some preference for the some platform to be on the left side when there was a single platform, but if you think about it, there would really be no rhyme or reason to how a tank car was delivered to the loading/unloading site, so a single platform car could just as easily have the platform on the "wrong" side as the correct side.

Bruce Smith

   So Tony also stated in a private email on the second question,Bruce, but neither of you have yet answered that question. I absolutely agree that unless some tank cars with a single platform were turned for delivery
there is no guarantee that the single platform would always be on the same side once such a car was placed
on the delivery track. BUT....was the choice of which side of the dome the single platform was placed on with respect to the "B" end of the car really left to the buyer or did the builder standardize things so the it was 
always on the left, or always on the right, side of the dome when the car was viewed from the "B" end. Perhaps I didn't ask the question properly the first time but this is what I'm trying to determine.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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