Re: Tank Car Placard Locations

Dave Parker

This photo dates to a time (1920) where the requirement for placard holds on tank cars was just being phased in.  Prior, just about anything would do, including pasting a paper placard directly onto the tank as seen here. 

The new regs of 1920 required boards that allowed for the placards to be attached in the "diamond" orientation, but that was about it.  With time, the 1927 ARA standards specified the placard bards be in the more towards the middle of the car.  In October of 1932, the standard called for metal-frame holders that the placard could be dropped into.

I've never seen a standard for where the holders on the car ends needed to be, but they seem to be almost universally to the right of center.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CAa

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