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Roco did a model of that car for AHM in the mid-sixties. To my knowledge they have not been available in the interim.
I have a picture of the model if you would like me to email it to you off list. It may be reintroduced with upgraded details by Roco/E-R.

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I have run into a deadend. I am looking for drawings of the Magor Six axle military flat car. Bruce Smith has done an excellant phot study of two of these cars in a Railway museum in Alabama, let's call it a "walk-around." Bruce has submitted it to Mainline and Bob has agreed to do the drawings if I can come up with the erection drawings or a set of drawings from a cyc. Well, I have contacted Jeff Koeller and Richard steered me toward Ed Kaminski and I have come up short. Does anyone have a source for these to get the draweings done. The cars were built for DOD in 1953 and ride on what appears to be 3 axle Buckeye type trucks. With the interst in Miltitary Railroad modeling I am trying to see if we can't help these folks out. Anyone know one might find the drawings?

Greg Martin

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