Re: Photo: LV Boxcar 62182 With Weed Chains Load

Charles Peck

If it worked, here is an advertisement for Weed Chains.
If not, here is a link.
Chuck Peck 

On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 4:42 PM Lee via <> wrote:
I’m thinking these may have been chains that had sharpened edges that were dragged behind a tractor or run off a PTO driven propeller under a platform deck.  Would cut the weeds and thicker grasses without disturbing the ground too much and creating a lot of dust. Plus if it hit a rock they didn’t create sparks or bust a typical blade. 

Lee Stoermer
Aldie, VA

On Sunday, May 3, 2020, 13:10, Charles Peck <lnnrr152@...> wrote:

Snow chains were invented by Harry Weed in 1904.
Chuck Peck

On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 12:46 PM Bob Chaparro via <> wrote:

Photo: LV Boxcar 62182 With Weed Chains Load

A 1915 photo from the Utah State Historical Society:

From the text on the banner I guess those folks in Utah had been using their electric weed-whackers before this car arrived, assuming that earlier they had received a carload of extension cords.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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