NPRHA decals for Rapido NP box.

Brian Carlson

Last year I purchased some decals for the Rapido NP boxcar since I knew I’d have to tweak my models for my era.

 I must say this were some of the nicest decals I have ever used. I was working with decorated models so I only needed to change reweigh and repack dates but I applied Over 40 little decals to the model since they included chalk marks, reweigh and repack data printed on car body colors and placards. 

The film is very thin and everything laid down Nicely with micro sol. 

I have repack and reweigh data and a few spare Monads for a few more NP cars. 

My only issue was I could not read some of the smallest data on the backing. I’ve had this problem with other decals too. 

I’ll post pics of the cars when they are weathered.  I just wanted to give the NPRHA a public shout out about the decals. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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