Re: NPRHA decals for Rapido NP box.

Bruce Smith

I have heard the if you color the back of the paper with a marker, it helps to see the decals on the front. I've always been nervous to do this since the only markers in the house are sharpies. My guess is that paint would also work.

Obviously, TEST these suggestions on a decal or section of decal that you don't want to use!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] NPRHA decals for Rapido NP box.
To read white dry transfers I use a sheet of black construction paper behind them so I can read them. Maybe using a bit of tape on the top of the decal sheet and attached to  a piece of black construction paper behind the decal sheet could help with at least seeing the decals better. I haven't tried it with decals and the thickness of the decal sheet will make a difference but this might work in some cases. Nothing lost in trying it.

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