Re: NPRHA decals for Rapido NP box.


I tried that on a Microscale decal a few months ago and it did not work out well.  This was one of those sets with lots of dimensional data, which are extremely hard to see.  I used one of those large Sharpies and the fill of black color as viewed from the front was very splotchy, even when being colored over a couple of times.  That didn't help much in locating where to cut.  Worse, I thought that this made the decal very hard to release from the backing, almost impossible.  As in any controlled experiment, I tried some with and some without.  I could have been doing something wrong, but I'd rather not try this on any decal that might be hard to replace.

This technique was first mentioned in instructions from Oddballs.  I never tried it with an Oddballs decal, but those are old enough now that I've taken to painting the face of the decal with Microscale liquid decal film, which does a great job of preventing film breakup.

Ron Merrick

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