Re: Still have one resin kit for sale

Tim O'Connor

I think that is the kit also used for the NEB&W (RPI) fictional railroad, if anyone is so inclined.
The layout was dismantled last year and WAS going to be moved but with RPI in dire financial
straits now, who knows what will happen without a rich benefactor? I know there are some
LOADED model railroad buffs out there... :-D

Tim O'Connor

On 5/4/2020 8:01 PM, Jared Harper wrote:
I have a Rutland Car Shops resin kit for a Rutland 36' Rutland stock car.  With some work it can be bashed into a Santa Fe stock car.  Steve Sandifer did it.  My kit is for sale for $25 plus  shipping.

Jared Harper
420 Woodward Way
Athens, GA 30606

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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