Re: Another Proto2000 question

Tim O'Connor

The model is almost exactly right for the UP A-50-17, but they were built in 1941. And to make a
more accurate model, use Archer's "alternate center rivet" decals and make modifications to the side sill.
Late in life some cars lost their doors and were put into fresh wood veneer service.

On 5/4/2020 7:10 PM, Ron Merrick wrote:
Sorry I can't look this up for myself, but I've moved most of my reference material and not myself.

There are more than one Proto2000 50' double door box with end doors available on line, in the yellow lettering Be Specific and in a transitional red with white lettering with the shield UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, and Automated Rail Way scheme.  I decaled one in the Be Specific scheme years ago, so my question is whether this scheme is legitimate and common.  This model, by the way, is marked NEW 9-56, which I know is not matching with the details of the car construction.

Second, related, question -- did these cars, which were probably early 40s construction, generally get roofwalk replacements?

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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