Re: Proto2000 Boxcars

George Eichelberger

The cars were built with wood running and "latitudinal" boards and replaced later.

The Evans auto racks were removed from most of the cars after a few years. I don’t know if the end doors were welded shut but they were not used (I’m sure there are exceptions).

The first order, built in 1938, were given the original SR Monogram (never called a “herald!). Dates on that are a bit “iffy”, the pencil version in the SRHA archives of the drawing dates to 1938 (because of the new all-steel 40’ and 50’ box cars delivered then?) but the “official” linen tracing was not issued just after WWII (details are in the SRHA book).

We need more photo evidence of which monogram was put on the cars in '44 and '45 because the few in original paint in the SRHA collection are faded but appear to show the second version where “The Southern serves the south” was not equally spaced around the outer circle. The question is further confused because the monograms on many stencil placement diagrams were never changed. As a “stencil” drawing was not intended to show the details of any specific stencil, only their placement on a car and the size of the monogram on box cars did not change, the shops and carbuilders simply applied the correct stencil per the drawing list.

I am (mostly) confident that all 50’ box cars after the 1938 order were given the second version.

Another factoid about the SR monogram…on the first 40’ and 50’ all steel cars, aluminum stencil paste was used. It’s hard to confirm that with B&W photos but the stencil drawings are specific, and shows the change to white. The Southern stopped using aluminum stencil paste about the same time they stopped using alum. pain on their DL-109s and 110s. Certainly WWII on the horizon led to that decision.


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