Re: Accurate measured cutting of styrene sheets

Richard Brennan

At 02:38 PM 5/6/2020, Andy Carlson wrote:
One was a little used large model with a cast steel slicer and a hard wood deck. <snip>
Agree 100%:
The most useful, albeit probably not the most important 'find' in my Mother's estate:
was the 19in by 19in Martin-Yale Premiere paper cutter with the green cross-hatched 3/4in wood base and HEAVY steel cutting edge.
From the back of the spring-loaded pivot to the end of the handle, the cutting arm is 27 inches long!
Finger guard? WHAT finger guard???

With the exception of corrugated cardboard and light foamcore... I don't cut more than 0.030 / 1/32 in.
It makes short and accurate work of anything rigid enough to align with the metal back fence;
including styrene, card stock, decal paper and up to 10 sheets of laser bond.

I need to be careful with glassine paper and tissue, as they tend to creep as the cut progresses...
but if I really needed them to be exact, I could just sandwich them between sheets of cover stock, and then cut.

The down-side; Taking-up nearly 4 square feet of flat surface.
The redemption, with the cutting arm down and secured, it fits vertically between the leg of a table and the wall!

Next time you see one... ask if it might be available!

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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