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Brian Carlson

I know Otto well. He’s open to articles. I’ve pitched a few and the only thing holding me up is I can’t take pictures at the model RR club since the landlord locked it down. 

They can only publish what they have. 

One thing I noticed in the past few years Is that a lot of modelers have taken to publishing their own blogs with great content, so stuff that used to end up in a magazine is put online by the owner

Brian J. Carlson 

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Schuyler and all,

RMC has some 1950's material, several articles, some even requested by former editor Stephen Priest.  It appears to me the magazine has gone in a different direction.  That being said I suppose it is hard for Otto to know about all of the prior submissions submitted to RMC under the previous regime.

Mont Switzer  

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I know Mike Schafer of RMC fairly well, and what he says is that he can’t publish what he doesn’t have…That said, I wonder about the direction of the magazine under the new editor, Otto Vondrak.  Perhaps he’s pushing for more contemporary modeling coverage.  I know the new editor got a lot of reader blow-back when he took the back and forth between Mike and Bill, the “Look Both Ways” column, and pushed it to the back of the magazine, and I think shortened it quite a bit.  I preferred the previous format and always enjoyed reading their differing approaches or opinions.




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I scan the few articles of interest from MR and RMC so I can search them on the hard drive using keywords. The problem with that is that as interests and needs change, I have to go back through the magazines to find the newly relevant material. I was hoping the ten year archive would facilitate that search. Content for my areas of interest has really slipped in both magazines – MR is to basic and RMC is moving past my cutoff era for most content. The latest MR is pretty thin. I’m debating with myself about letting my subscription expire.


Nelson Moyer


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My Desktop Google Search can read my PDF files - but it can't get past DRM from Kalmbach.

I scan great reference articles (like Tony Thompson's RMC SP article from 2-1993) and turn into PDF.
A cheap all-in-one Canon (bought at Walmart for $39) does the scan, and came with the PDF software.

Tim O'Connor

On 5/7/2020 7:50 AM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

The DVD files open in Adobe Reader. That’s not the problem. There is no link between issues for global search, and there is no cumulative index for manual search. In fact, there is no search engine except the Adobe Reader search engine for searches within the open file, i.e. one issue at a time.


Nelson Moyer


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You need to strip the Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The first digital book I bought from Morning Sun would only open with a specific reader. I stripped the DRM and it opened right up.


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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