Re: Photo: Hopper Car At Fish Company

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Good for you Claus,

     I wondered about that too but had forgotten about the oyster car. But let's take a hard look at the car.

1. There appear to be no hoppers beneath the carbody proper as on a hopper car.

2. It is too tall to be easily shoveled out or to find traps to open on the floor.

3. There is a walkway showing on the sides that could be to stand on when dumping live oysters,
    or fish into tanks.

4. What we can see of the inside of the car really looks to light for a car used in coal service.

5. There are also two wheels along the top edge that could be used to open valves to drain the tanks.
    Some might say to crank open traps but with all that material on top of them I'd say you've got to be
    kidding! That does appear to be a boiler plant behind it however. Is the car #17116 or #17115?

   It will take some effort to convince me this is any type of hopper car or high side gondola.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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