Re: Photo: Hopper Car At Fish Company

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J, et al,

Actually, there were three Stillwell Oyster Cars that were built. Car A, Car B, and Car C. Cars B and C were involved in a train wreck enroute to the railroad from the builder and were completely destroyed and never replaced. Car A survived and was used for a short time, however, was discontinued because the loading and unloading process and the inability to keep the oysters fresh by changing out the water in the brine tanks brought about its demise. There are great pictures of Car A, however B and C may not exist. I've post up pictures of Car A for everyone. I am having the top vents and decals made for all three cars. Cars were painted dark blue, which is very rare for the era, as blue pigment paints were not readily available and the pigments didn't last under the effects of the sun. Letting is either white or silver.


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