Re: MP - T&P - Wabash caboose?

Rob Adams


I'm a bit late to this discussion as I've been out of town for the past
several days. I formerly owned one of those Overland MoPac cabooses
with the intent of using it for a Wabash car.

The body is essentially correct for the Wabash 2600-2653 cars which were
constructed in three batches from 1925-29. That's the good news...

The bad news is that a lot of the details are wrong for the Wabash
cars. On the roof, the lateral running boards next to the cupola would
need to be removed as the Wabash cabooses did not have those. The swing
motion trucks are wrong, as is the arrangement of the brake valve and
air tank.

I decided that the required modifications were more than I cared to
undertake on an expensive brass model and parted with mine. Your
mileage may vary...

Best regards, Rob Adams

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Overland claims this MP caboose also represents a Wabash prototype.
Does anyone know which Wabash caboose series matches the model? I do
have a photo of a similar Wabash caboose but the trucks are totally
different and there are some other small differences.

Tim O'Connor <>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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