Re: Oyster Cars

Bob Chaparro

Stilwell's Oyster Car

An article from the Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, The Preservation Of Fishery Products For Food by Charles H. Stevenson, published in 1898:

"A railroad car for the special transportation of live oysters, invented by Mr. A. E. Stilwell, of Kansas City, Mo., has been used to some extent during the last year or two on the Kansas City, Port Arthur and Gulf Railroad. The interior of the car is 34 feet long, 8-feet wide, and 4 feet high, the space being divided into four compartments, each of which has two ventilators in the top through which the oysters are loaded, and two unloading spaces in the side. The floor and sides of tile car are constructed of 3 inch white pine, calked and pitched in the manner of ships, so as to make the compartments water-tight. These compartments are first nearly filled with oysters, and then sufficient sea water is added to cover them."

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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