Re: RI 1944 AAR Boxcar -- C&BT Upgrade #2

Bob Chapman

Jim Brewer asks:
How did you fade the body color?

Hi, Jim --

The color on the sides is a 50-50 mix of Floquil BCR and Oxide Red, untinted. I like to fade the roofs of my cars, and on the RI car I added a bit of white to tint this same mix -- but this is hard to see in the photo angle.

The Mask Island decals aren't 100% opaque, which gives them a bit of a natural faded look. The weathering was in tribute to Greg Martin, using his Post-It technique with Testor's Rubber at the seams. With a 12-panel car, it seemed especially right to highlight the seams.

Re fading, I'm intrigued with Rapido's announcement of their new "fade" paint, but in a search a few weeks ago, I wasn't able to come up with a US source for it.

Bob ChapmanĀ 

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