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Rupert Gamlen

Historically speaking and being parsimonious -

It has been the custom for all time to paint the trucks black.  This necessitated the changing of pots and brushes when the painting of the body was finished and work commenced on the trucks.  The company [i.e. CB&Q] is commencing now to paint the trucks the same color as the body of the car.  This appears to be a small matter, but in the course of a year the time saved in changing, and the cost of extra pots, brushes, etc. dispensed with, amounts to a very considerable little sum.

Railway Review 1887

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Reading between the lines of the Burlington Route Historical Society's Burlington Bulletin No. 7, on the Burlington's XM-32 boxcars (including the FW&D and C&S cars) and which describes one-stop painting, and which does not mention any change in colors while painting, I would hazard a guess that it was all the same color.

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In my isolation I am completing work on  Fort Worth and Denver (CB&Q) boxcar in the 8300 series.  My question is weee the trucks and under-rated the same color as the car or were they black?

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Thanks in advance for any help.


Bill Pardie

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