Re: C&BT Upgrade

Bob Chapman

Andy Carlson writes:
A real risk of offending folks on this subject, but I heavily disagree on the acceptance of the CB&T Shops car body. I think the Bad reputation is deserved.

Andy --
No offense here. We all model at different levels with different priorities, and the height of the bar is consistently changing with time. In the 80s, the C&BT carbodies were among the leaders, in prototype fidelity as well as offering variations in door width, number of panels, etc.

Today there are many more options on the table, including some with the right number of rivets. Were I wanting to do start from a zero-base to do the RI boxcar project today, I'd probably choose a different starting point than a C&BT kit. This not being the case, it's been fun to dress up the C&BT pig and see how good we can make her look. 

Bob Chapman   

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