Re: C&BT Upgrade

Tim O'Connor

Chuck, a LOT of people (including me) have paid a ridiculous amount of attention to underframes that cannot
be seen in normal operation. I remember Richard Hendrickson's analogy of Hollywood movie props - that are
often just a piece of complete junk - and for the brief 1/2 second you see them on screen your mind fills in the
details, so why bother? I have a Hendrickson 65 foot mill gondola and the entire underside has little lead weights
glued under the floor - no other details at all. Why bother? :-D

On 5/11/2020 1:05 PM, Charles Peck wrote:
When I want a showcase model, little things matter.
When Charlton Heston did a big scene with a cast of thousands, I doubt that 
everyone one of them got full makeup, full exact costume, and the proper 
period haircut.  
Just so, some of my 100 plus hopper cars might have some plastic blob that 
only halfway resembles a Wine door latch.  
Chuck Peck

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 12:13 PM Bob Chapman <chapbob611@...> wrote:
Andy Carlson writes:
A real risk of offending folks on this subject, but I heavily disagree on the acceptance of the CB&T Shops car body. I think the Bad reputation is deserved.

Andy --
No offense here. We all model at different levels with different priorities, and the height of the bar is consistently changing with time. In the 80s, the C&BT carbodies were among the leaders, in prototype fidelity as well as offering variations in door width, number of panels, etc.

Today there are many more options on the table, including some with the right number of rivets. Were I wanting to do start from a zero-base to do the RI boxcar project today, I'd probably choose a different starting point than a C&BT kit. This not being the case, it's been fun to dress up the C&BT pig and see how good we can make her look. 

Bob Chapman  

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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