Roof photo of a 7000-7099 Swift reefer

Allan Smith

I have an old Walthers 40' DS wood reefer with wood ends Swift 932-2428. With all the new 37' reefer models by Rapido, I began researching info on Swift reefers. I found a photo of SRLX 7045 that shows the B end and sides, this is a 40' length series of swift reefers. I think I can kitbash a reasonable model of this series using the Walthers kit. The cars were built in the 1930's so I am assuming they had a wood roof like the 37' Rapido cars. I model 1955 and my 1958 ORER shows there were still 81 cars in existence, so I think this would be car to contrast with the 37' wood and 40' steel Swift reefers in my fleet.

Any help with info on the roofs of these cars would be most helpful.


Al Smith
Sonora CA

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